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Fouad Whatsapp 2021 is an update of Fouad Whatsapp developed by Fouad Makdad. It is an advanced version of original Whatsapp and FM whatsapp with many more Features to enjoy.
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Android 4.4 and higher
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Fouad Whatsapp Download Apk 2021

Fouad Whatsapp 2021 is an update of Fouad Whatsapp/FM Whatsapp. Fouad Whatsapp 2021 is an app developed by renowned App developer Fouad Makdad. He saw endless potential in Whatsapp but with some added features. He created a masterpiece Fouad Whatsapp APK 2021 with everything Whatsapp offers and much, much more. Fouad Whatsapp 2021 is a very famous app loved by hardcore android users because of its customizable design and flexible UI.

Fouad Whatsapp has an iconic customization panel where you can change the color of the whole app. Users can change the colors of everything, including UI. Users can change the action bar’s color on all screens and change the color of the background, status bar, navigation bar, contact name, etc.

Fouad Whatsapp offers an opportunity to customize your favorite communications app according to your style and needs. Original Whastapp lacks this level of customization. Fouad Whatsapp 2021 allows users to change every bit of this app.

Fouad Whatsapp lets users hide their double tick, i.e., the ticks that show the message has been delivered to your contact. It also allows users to hide blue ticks, i.e., the ticks that show the user has seen the message. These are some of the most asked features which Whatsapp failed to deliver, but Fouad Whatsapp 2021 does what its users need.

Features of Fouad Whatsapp 2021

Some of the main features of this update are listed below.

  • The customization options of Fouad Whatsapp are limitless, which can be experienced only by using the app.
  • It also has a function that disables your contact’s ability to delete messages for you; you can view any deleted messages.
  • It also has a feature to enable toast for users when they come online (show a notification when a selected user comes online)
  • Lets users hide double tick and blue ticks.
  • Users can change the color of the background or set a background from their gallery.
  • Fouad Whatsapp also disables the image share limit.
  • Users can change the color and style of every tab, text, and chat
  • It also disables the video-sharing limit of 30 seconds on status.
  • Users can freeze their last seen, hiding the time when the user came online.
  • Users can enable the functions that save their contacts’ status, so even if that status is deleted, users can still view it.
  • Can hide their “viewed status” status from their contacts and anonymously watch their contacts’ status.
  • Users can send images without losing their pictures’ quality, i.e., send photos in full resolution.
  • Allows users to lock Whatsapp using PIN or Pattern
  • User can hide their contacts or lock their contacts to protect privacy.
  • It allows users to send videos in full-size resolutions.

Permissions List after installation

  • Write External Storage
  • Kill Background Tasks
  • Internet Access
  • Access Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, Mike, NFC
  • Access Device Location
  • Send SMS
  • Record Audio
  • Modify Audio Settings
  • Write Contacts
  • Get Accounts
  • Read Contacts

How to Download Fouad Whatsapp 2021 <– Click Here

Fouad Whatsapp v8 26

Older  Version Features:

[[Added]] attend First Message in Chats
[Added] choice to Enable 5-min status/story
[Added] choice to Increase forward limit to 250! (instead of 5)
[Fixed] Black ticks rather than blue on some phones

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