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Fouad Whatsapp is an app developed by Fouad Mokdad. It is a modified version of Whatsapp messenger with more features added. This app provides a similar UI as original Whatsapp making it easier to use for everyone. Fouad Whatsapp practices end-to-end encryption and is free to use. The purpose of developing this app was to give users more flexible settings and customization options.
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Fouad Whatsapp Download APK 2022

Fouad Whatsapp is one the most popular modified version of Whatsapp messenger. Fouad Mokdad developed it to provide the same UI as Whatsapp with added benefits and features. Fouad Whatsapp can text, call and send media and documents to each other just like Whatsapp, but Fouad Whatsapp apk can do what original Whatsapp cant. Fouad Whatsapp gives access to customize UI in a way we could only imagine. Fouad Whatsapp is similar to other modified versions of WhatsApp like Whatsapp plus or Whatsapp GB

With the growing number of Whatsapp users, one may want an edge over the others. Fouad Whatsapp download gives that extra edge of flexibility that Whatsapp cant. We will help you explain what you might expect from such an application.

Fouad Mokdad outdid himself by creating this great app with all the features we desired Whatsapp to have. One might think it would be difficult to use an app instead of Whatsapp, which we have been using for years. But Fouad UI is very similar to Whatsapp, making it easy to learn and use.

Why Fouad Whatsapp?

Fouad Whatsapp’s new version enables users to message any number even if the number is not in that user’s contacts. This feature helps save a lot of time wasted on adding the number to the contact list to ask, “who is this?”. This app also lets the user hide the view status that contacts can see when they view their status. This app helps the user see the status of contacts without letting them know they have seen the status.

Whatsapp added a new feature some time ago; users could delete messages for everyone, i.e., users could delete sent messages for the receiver too. Fouad Whatsapp update countered this feature by adding an Anti-delete message function. With this function, if the sender deletes any of their messages, the user can still see these messages.

This app practices end-to-end encryption, ensuring the privacy of users. The number of features it provides compared to the original Whatsapp is what makes this app worth it. It is free to use app that lets you customize the interface and chat screen with many options.

One can also hide/unhide double tick in the conversation screen. When the receiver receives a message, a double tick icon is displayed to know the message has been received. Fouad Whatsapp lets users hide the double tick to the sender. It also allows the user to hide the blue tick icon displayed when the receiver sees the message. These features can help in several ways and are one of the most used features of Fouad Whatsapp apk.

In a world, privacy is a gold mine, and this app helps protect your privacy by giving the user the power to hide any conversation/chat they want. Users can only see hidden chats by tapping the Whatsapp icon on the header and entering a pattern or PIN to unlock it.

This is a necessary feature that the original Whatsapp lacks, making apps like Fouad WhatsApp popular. Users also have the power to lock any or all conversations. To open a lock conversation, one has to enter a pattern or PIN. These features help protect important messages or chats from anyone other than the user.

In a world so fast-paced, not being disturbed is a necessity for completing tasks. Fouad Whatsapp download provides the user the feature of airplane mode inside Fouad Whatsapp that works as a ‘do not disturb sign”. It is precisely like the airplane mode in most phones, but it works only for Whatsapp.

Whatsapp lets users share videos through status, but the users are limited to 30 seconds video. Fouad Whatsapp lifts this limitation and allows users to share videos up to 5 mins long. This feature lets users share more of their lives with their friends and family.

Style has become an essential part of our life, and who says we can’t have class in our apps too. This app lets the user customize almost every visible aspect of Whatsapp. Users can change the colors of texts, bubbles, and backgrounds of everything. As a bonus, Fouad Whatsapp has premade themes known as FMthemes. Users can select any of those themes to customize their UI.

Fouad Whatsapp enables a fantastic feature of letting users know when their selected contacts come online. This app will give a notification when a contact goes online. Users can change these notifications for each contact. Different ringtones can be set for different contacts so that users can know who came online just by hearing the ringtone.

Whatsapp does not allow users to send images without degrading their quality. Fouad Whatsapp lets users send pictures in full resolution or original resolution. Fouad Whatsapp also lifts the limit of sending a limited number of photos at a time. Users can send more images at once by using Fouad Whatsapp apk instead of Whatsapp.

Features of Fouad Whatsapp 2022

Fouad Whatsapp 2022 has numerous features. Some of the important features are listed below.


  • Change the color of everything, including UI
  • Change the color of the action bar on all screens
  • Change the color of the background
  • Change the color of the status bar on every screen
  • Change the color of the navigation bar on every screen

Styles (look and feel)

  • Emoji variant styles (including Whatsapp, old Whatsapp, and Facebook)
  • Change font style
  • Choose different launcher icons
  • Change the notification icon (the icon in the status bar)
  • The Archived row on the home screen takes themes colors now
  • Can Hide media from the gallery

Privacy and Security:

  • Freeze last seen
  • Added Voice Changer for Voice Notes. Record Voice notes in different voices and send
  • Disable Forwarded tag (forward tag when we forward messages is removed)
  • Hide view status (don’t tell contact that you have viewed their status)
  • Anti-delete status (deleted status/stories will still be visible for you)
  • Anti-delete messages (other people cannot delete messages for you)
  • Show blue ticks after your reply
  • Hide blue tick and second tick for contacts, groups, or broadcasts.
  • Hide blue microphone, typing, and recording for contacts, groups, or broadcasts.
  • Whatsapp lock pattern and PIN (also recovery question)
  • Change lock/pattern wallpaper
  • Make pattern invisible
  • Disable pattern vibration

Other settings

  • Option to delete downloaded emoji packs
  • Send Images in Full Resolution
  • Disable heads-up notification, badge counter, audio playing notification, swipe to exit conversation, etc.
  • Enable always online status
  • Disable image share limit
  • Send full resolution images


Home screen features:

Header (changes style of the header only)

  • Home UI style ( including one UI and IOS)
  • Enable Instagram-like Story style
  • Make a Separate tab for Groups (Separate Chat/Group tab)
  • Set any name instead of Whatsapp on the home screen (Renames Whatsapp On home screen)
  • Remove the status line under users name in the home screen
  • Show light/night mode button on top
  • Show the airplane mode button on top
  • Change the background color of tabs on the home screen
  • Change the color of the words CHATS, STATUS, and CALLS on the home screen
  • Change selected color of home screen tabs
  • Change selected tab underline color
  • Change the background color of the unread messages counter on CHAT tab (Counter and background)

Floating action button style

  • Hide floating action button
  • Change the color of the normal floating action button
  • Change the color of the pressed floating action button
  • Floating action button icons color
  • Hine new messages from floating action button
  • Hide Whatsapp log from floating action button

Rows (changes the style of rows only)

  • Change style of the home screen (telegram, water, stock, etc.)
  • Enable swipe row function (allows swipe of conversation left/right to perform quick actions
  • Change the size of the text on the main screen (Main/calls/contacts screen text size)
  • Change color throughout the main screen
  • Change the contact name color on the home screen
  • The change background color of the unread message counter
  • Change the text color of unread messages counter
  • Changes ‘online’ color on the main screen
  • Changes color of ‘last seen in the main screen
  • Remove contact online/last seen status from the main screen

Status styles

  • Change the color of the background recent/viewed updates bar on the status page
  • Change the color of the recent/viewed text updates bar on the status page
  • Change contact name color in stories
  • Change the color of seen status circles
  • Change the color of unseen status circles
  • The change in background color of stories
  • Change the color text of the status counter
  • Change photo profile/status preview
  • Enable 5 min video status instead of 30 seconds
  • Hide muted updates section
  • Hide viewed updates section
  • Hide recent updates section
  • Change photo corners (square to round)

Other styles

  • Removes grey line between chats in the main screen
  • Disable/enable online contact toast
  • Ringtone to play when a contact goes online
  • Change contact online toast location


Conversation screen Features:


Action bar

  • Change the color of the action bar on the chat screen
  • Remove contact profile picture from the header in the conversation screen
  • Hide the name of the person in chat (hide contact name in conversation screen)
  • Hide call button from the conversation action bar
  • Removes the contact status line under the conversation header
  • Change general contact status background in chat
  • Change status text color (change text color of contact status in conversation screen)
  • Change header style in conversation screen

Chat bubble and ticks

  • Change tick style (large number of tick styles to choose from)
  • Change chat bubble style (rounded, 3D, Twitter, and many more)
  • Change the size of message text
  • Remove Read more….
  • Change the color of the revoked icon on deleted messages
  • Change the color of the Quoted divider
  • Change the color of the Quoted name
  • The change background color of conversation (when set to “no wallpaper”)
  • Change bubble color of right chat
  • Change the color of the right bubble text
  • Change the color of time inside the right bubble
  • Change left bubble, text, and time color
  • Change Quoted background-color
  • Enable chat bubble text selection
  • Change Quoted message color

Conversation Entry style (typing bar)

  • Change the style of button typing bar in the conversation screen (hangouts, Instagram, and many more)
  • The change background color of typing bar
  • Change the color of entry icons
  • Change the color of the emoji button on the conversation screen
  • Change Send/mic color in the conversation screen
  • Change send/mic circle background-color
  • Change Text entry background-color
  • Change text color in the conversation box


  • Show contact pic on every message
  • Show “my pic” on every chat message
  • Show group participant pic on every message
  • Show my pic on every group message
  • Choose if the picture shows on 1st or last message or all


  • Change emoji header color
  • Change emoji popup icons color
  • Change emoji popup background-color
  • Change the color of hyperlinks in chat bubbles
  • Change the color of date and missed call text bubbles
  • Change info balloons background-color
  • Change the color of group member/participant name on messages
  • Change voice message playing bar color
  • Change voice message playing button color
  • Change attachment picker UP
  • Different custom wallpapers for each person/conversation
  • Set profile picture as a wallpaper
  • Hide date and time when copying two or more messages
  • Enable/disable the proximity sensor
  • Disable output switching (prevents speaker/earpiece switching while playing

Fouad Whatsapp Download Instructions

  • At first, you need to allow the “unknown source” option from your phone setting.
  • Download Fouad Whatsapp apk On your android device by clicking here.
  • Start the downloading and open the downloaded file.
  • Click the install button and wait until the installation is complete
  • Now you need to take a full backup of your chat settings, So Open Whatsapp from your Phone, Go to Settings— Chats — Backup.
  • Make a complete backup of your chat and wait until your all conversation is backed up.
  • Now, uninstall Whatsapp from your Android
  • Now, install Fouad Whatsapp new version on your Android device, which you downloaded above
  • After installation, enter your mobile number and verify it via OTP code
  • Enter Your name and profile picture
  • Enjoy

  To Get Video Illustration On Fouad Whatsapp How to Download ⬅️ Click Here

Fouad Mods

Permissions List after installation

  • Kill Background Tasks
  • Internet Access
  • Use Maps Services
  • Vibrate
  • Access Device Location
  • Get Accounts
  • Modify Audio Settings
  • Read Contacts
  • Send SMS
  • Record Audio
  • Write Contacts
  • Access Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, Mike, NFC
  • Write External Storage


Is Fouad Whatsapp APK legal to use?

Fouad Whatsapp has been withdrawn from the play store in the past, but it is still accessible for download from external sources. The Whatsapp team called this app unlawful, but the authorities are silent on this matter. The legality status of this app is unclear. It is considered neither legal nor illegal making it on the grey list of applications. It does not contain any viruses or malware. Accessing such apps is deemed unethical, but one can still use them on their device without any worries.


How to shift data from Whatsapp to Fouad WH

Step 1: Backup Whatsapp

Back up all the data from the original Whatsapp by using external software such as Dr. Fone. Dr. Fone is for PC.

Step 2: Attach the device to the PC

Now you need to attach the device to the PC via USB cables provided by your phone manufacturers. After that, open Dr. Fone and backup your device.

Step 3: Restore it to Fouad Whatsapp.

Now install Fouad Whatsapp and connect the device to your PC via USB cable. Select the restore option on Dr. Fone, and you are done.

Final Opinion Fouad Whatsapp Download APK 2022

This modified version of Whatsapp has a lot of additional features to offer. These features allow users to enjoy their messaging experience with much more flexibility. The level of customization this app provides is limitless.

It is essential to note that this app is free of cost and does not contain any ads or in-app purchases. If one values customization over security, then this is a must-download.

Thank you for visiting, and keep visiting for more.

What's new

(Exclusive) : Added Preview & confirm before sending stickers
(Exclusive) : Added Voice Changer for Voice Notes. Record Voice notes in different voices and send
(Added) : Option to delete downloaded emoji packs
(Added) : Archived row on home screen takes themes colors now
[Added] Ability to Save Profile Picture
[Added] New Options to Download Story
[Added] Option to Hide Privacy terms notice
[Added] Translations
[Fixed] Contacts list not showing
[Fixed] Slow messages sending in groups
[Fixed] Contact name not showing clearly
[Fixed] Status Splitter Crash on Some Phones
Other Improvements & bug Fixes


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