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OGWhatsapp is a new messaging application that has been designed to provide you with the best possible experience when using it. It brings together features from WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger in an intuitive, beautiful package which will work on any Android phone. Unlike other messaging apps, OGWhatsapp is completely free and doesn't contain any ads or in-game purchases. We'll be exploring how this app can help you communicate more effectively today!
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Whatsapp is an app that has grown more popular than ever, and it’s not just because of its unique features. Whatsapp was the first thing you installed on your phone when you got it – so what could be better? The OGWhatsApp APK (original WhatsApp + some new cool stuff) lets users have a simple way to stay in touch with friends and family without feeling like they’re missing out on anything important.

You can now control your privacy concerns on WhatsApp with this new app. You can decide who sees what and block people from chatting or seeing certain things you post. Third-Party developers have done a great job by adding these additional features to make sure you are always in charge of how much information is shared about yourself!

The features of OG Whatsapp APK are beyond amazing! Messaging is not an issue, as users can delete their messages and change their status. The developer team has put so much effort into creating the app for a better user experience.

The developers behind this outstanding app have thought about all aspects of messaging, deleting your old message conversations or changing your online statuses to hide from uninvited guests or stalkers in settings. It’s now possible via OGWhatsApp and some of its alternatives such as Whatsapp FM, Aero Whatsapp, and Fouad Whatsapp

OGWhatsapp Latest Version 2022

OGWhatsApp is a remarkable app

OG Whatsapp is the most secure and safe version of Official. It has been modified to include new features, making it more user-friendly for its users. Significantly, OG Whatsapp was developed by a third party not affiliated with WhatsApp’s developers; this means you can use your account without any worries about privacy being threatened in any way or form! This app should always be used as an alternative for your primary personal life chat so that everything remains private – because, at the end of the day, we all want our chats on WhatsApp to stay between friends only!

OG Whatsapp APK provides great security options while remaining accessible enough for anyone who wants their messages kept strictly confidential within circles like family members and close friends.


From the moment you install this app, it will feel like a whole new world. There are so many features and additional options that come with it – they may take some time to explore!

Message Scheduler

Be as creative or imaginative as you like.

This is one of the most impressive features added to OG Whatsapp APK. There comes a time when we all forget to message someone, but with this feature, that won’t be an issue anymore! With a Pre-built Message Scheduler in place on your phone and within the app itself, your messages will automatically go out at specific times instead of having to remember them yourself–saving both you and those who receive it from tediously. Waiting for a reply back later! This way, messaging becomes more accessible than ever before while being more personal. Each user can have their own schedule set up individually rather than everyone using only WhatsApp’s generic inbox scheduler.

Wi-Fi connection is the key to enjoying this feature, so make sure you have a good one. Stay in contact with friends and loved ones without having your professional life hinder you from it!

Block interrupting calls

Install our excellent app to block any of your contacts from calling again if they’re disturbing you by being persistent or distracting in some way. This feature will come in handy when you just need time for yourself without interruptions – whether that’s an hour at work during lunch break, or even better yet: after hours! You can easily do this by turning off the call receiving option within settings for certain contact(s).

The media limit increased to 90

With 90 images at one time, you can send dozens of photos in just the snap of a finger. The OG Whatsapp app is an excellent way to share your memories with friends and family!

Downloadable Status

You can share your thoughts with family and friends by text or images, but there is an exciting new way for those who don’t want to use the regular WhatsApp app. With this feature, you can often get closer with loved ones as they can see what’s happening in other people’s lives through statuses that may be uploaded on a particular time frame of their choosing. Plus, if another user uploads something status-worthy, they’re not around for, it might also take advantage of downloading the updates!

Whatsapp Anti Ban

With the latest version of OG Whatsapp, you can get away with being banned by Official WhatsApp and have a safe and secure experience. Users who install modded versions of WhatsApp are at risk of getting their account flagged as spam or hacked, which could lead to personal information being stolen, such as messages containing sensitive data like passwords or bank accounts numbers that hackers could use in an unfortunate situation. The app has been completely patched, so there is no worry about security breaches even if installed on your phone!

Can Call numbers without saving them as contacts

If you’ve been using Whatsapp for a while, then the new update might be frustrating. Why? Well, on official WhatsApp, there is no way to send messages or make phone calls without first adding them as contacts to your contact list. However, with OG Whatsapp, that doesn’t seem to matter because of its flexibility and freedom from these restrictions – go figure!

Group Name Limit Increased to 35

Group chatting is one of the best features on Official Whatsapp. It provides us with an opportunity to chat for long hours without any problems or interruptions while sharing updates and photos from our friends’ lives. When it comes time to set up a group name, though, we can only use 35 characters instead of 25, which was previously allowed. This means you can take advantage of more creative names that have been limited in length by this new rule’s implementation.

Features of OGWhatsapp (infographic)

OGWhatsapp how to download & Install?

  • Click on “Download APK”
  • Now Click on “Fill this”
  • On the Download page, click on “Fill This”
  • Now Click on Start Download
  • Once Downloaded, Open the OGWhatsapp apk file
  • Click on Settings
  • Click On Install
  • Enable Unknown Sources
  • Once Installed, click On Open
  • Click on Accept terms and conditions
  • Enter Your Phone Number and Done.


If you’re looking for a Whatsapp that has more features, look no further. OG WhatsApp is the answer to all of your prayers! The app provides users with unlimited unlocked features and an improved experience. This APK cannot be installed from the Play Store, so you’ll need to download it from our link below. You won’t regret getting this much better than the original version of WhatsApp; just try it out today! More at AppsGB



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