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In 2013, the first malware in android devices was discovered called “OMACP Android Virus.” OMACP affects people’s phones daily and has been wreaking havoc since it emerged. The Virus is an acronym for Obnoxious Mobile Application from Accursed Pirates that displays ads without permission to cause battery drain and data loss resulting in constant low battery life, messaging interference, or even more severe problems like slow internet connection speeds.

How to Detect a Virus on your Android

It is not easy to detect this malware or viruses at the very moment they invade your device, which means you may be able to use it as usual before finding out that viruses have already begun damaging more than a few apps while eating up storage space on your phone or tablet.

Viruses can do severe damage without being easily detectable — this includes running down our battery life, taking over precious memory (where we keep all of those photos!), making us pay for fake subscriptions with real money, and so much more!

To avoid these unfortunate outcomes, one may take precautions by installing anti-virus software that can be scanned regularly by using available tools online. Unfortunately, some might still not know what to do when their Phone becomes infected with this insidious piece of code. Still, some might help remove the omacp android app or Virus.

How to Get Rid of a Virus on an Android Phone

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Once you have detected a virus or omacp on your Android Phone, you need to get rid of it as soon as possible because the more time the virus/malware stays on your Phone, the more damaging it could be. Follow the following simple steps to delete Omacp:

Transfer Important data

The first and most crucial step is to transfer all your important data, files, media, etc. To a safe place like your PC or Cloud. Removing the malware is a risky and tricky job. We do not want to lose important data during this process. It is highly recommended to copy important data before proceeding to the next step.

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Shutdown Your addicted Android Device

The malware is a significant threat to your android phone, and if it reaches the system, you might have trouble removing it. Shutting down your device can prevent this from happening by preventing further damage. If it reaches the android system, you might have a more challenging time getting rid of it completely.

The shutdown also prevents other apps on your Phone from being ravaged and is one step in restoring entire operations if infected with viruses or bugs. In the meantime, research what caused this bug and which correction steps would work for different models depending on their operating system version.

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Find the infected app using apps manager or Files Manager

Omacp usually attacks messaging app and can slow down your messaging app. OMACP will eat up the storage space and cause issues with other apps on your Phone like Spotify or Netflix because they are all competing for a finite amount of memory in which to function.

Follow the following steps once the infected app is found (in this case, the messaging app):

  1. On your android device, locate the “Settings” and Tap on it
  2. Now Scroll Down To “App Settings” and click on it
  3. Scroll and find “Message Application” and open it
  4. Click on Storage Options
  5. In Storage, you will see message applications taking lots of unusual space eaten up by the virus/omcap.
  6. Delete/Clear this Space, and you have successfully removed the omcap Virus.
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How to be Safe From Virus/malware on Android

The Internet is filled with viruses and malware and knowing being safe from such is necessary nowadays. Taking precautions is a must to keep your Android devices safe. Following precautions will help against such invasions

  • The most vulnerable place to get a virus is through applications we download from Third-party apps or websites. You need to go to your phone security and disallow any unknown sources and only download and use apps from Google PlayStore
  • Install safety Anti-Malware apps to keep devices safe from invasions
  • Uninstall any unknown or suspicious apps on your Android Device
  • Keep your Phone updated to get the latest security patches and updates.
  • Before Download any application, make sure to read their app permissions list
  • Avoid using public Wifi
  • Avoid clicking on spam Emails or downloading applications sent through Emails
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Precaution against Omacp

The last thing you want to happen is a virus-like omacp to infect your computer and force it into an endless reboot loop. To avoid this, be sure that no matter where the Download comes from (whether it is trusted or not), keep in mind some necessary precautions before clicking on any questionable links:

– know the source of downloads – never trust anything coming through email attachments – don’t click suspicious popups


Is omacp malware?

Yes, omacp is malware and can be harmful to your Android Device

what is omacp Samsung?

Omacp Samsung is also the same malware explained Above

what does omacp mean?

Obnoxious Mobile Application from Accursed Pirates


I hope this article helped you understand what omacp is and how it can be dangerous to your android device. Follow the guide above to successfully remove this Virus from your android phones and visit AppsGB For More.