Minecraft 1.19 was released on June 7, 2022, and allows players to explore new content. Echo shard Minecraft is one of them. We’ll discuss the details below.

What are echo shards in Minecraft?

Minecraft 1.19 wild update introduced the players to many exciting features, including mobs, blocks, biomes, the tadpole, frog, allay, ancient cities, etc.

Other than these, there is a brand new unique loot in the wild update, which is Echo Shards.

These are rare and unusual and difficult for players to find. Finding Echo shards led to crafting new items that were added in the wild update.

Where to find echo shards in Minecraft?

Echo shards are rare items that are found in chests in deep dark ancient cities in biomes.

Here are some simple steps that will guide you in finding Echo shards:

  • Find a deep dark biome. It takes some time.
  • After getting into the biome, find an ancient city. The ancient city is a new structure found in deep dark biomes.
  • Once you enter the ancient city, you’ll be encountered by chests.
  • The echo shards will be found in one of these chests.
  • There is a slight probability of 1-3 echo shards in a chest.

There are two unique loots found in the deep dark ancient cities. One is an echo shard from which you can produce the recovery compass, and the other is swift sneak leggings.

What does an echo shard do in Minecraft?

craft a recovery compass from echo shard minecraft

The major cause of finding echo shards in Minecraft is to craft other items and blocks like recovery compasses.

To craft a recovery compass, you will need ideally eight echo shards and one compass.

If you have eight echo shards and surround a compass with these echo shards, this will produce a recovery compass. This recovery compass is used to find the location of where you last died and also for the recovery of your lost items.

What is a recovery compass?

If you die in the region by mistake and you revive, if you have a recovery compass nearby, you may pick it up, and it will point to where you died. It kind of replaces those mods that show you your death location, so now, you can use this and find exactly where my all loot dropped.

The recovery compass will point its needle to the location, whether in your hands, off your hands, or even in the hot bar.

The recovery compass has to be in the same dimension to trace the location of the last death. Otherwise, it will not work or will spin randomly.

Are Echo shards renewable?

No, echo shards are not renewable. Their location is not usual. You can not create them on your own, nor are they dropped by the wardens. Instead, you have to dig deep in ancient cities to find them.

It is possible to make more echo shards if you have one. You have to pass the skulk charge from underneath the shard, which may result in double echo shards.