Hmm Full Form

With the advancement of technology, it seems that time moves faster now. To save time most people have started using abbreviations to save more time. Today We will look into Hmm Full Form and abbreviations most commonly used in Whatsapp chats.

Hmm Meaning in Whatsapp

Hmm, meaning Whatsapp is generally taken as if the person is thinking. But the meaning of hmm is subjective to the context people are talking about. Hmm can also mean “yes” sometimes. People also use hmm to end a boring conversation in some areas, by saying hmm they hint that they are getting bored so they either end the conversation or change the topic.

Giving hmm a certain meaning would be wrong. Hmm can have countless meanings depending on the area, person, context, mood, etc. We will cover some meanings and abbreviations of hmm.

Hmm (after a question is asked)Thinking
Hmm (after having the same conversation over and over)Bored
Hmm (after talking about food)Tasty/Hungry
Hmm (after a suggestion is made)Good idea/Impressed by the suggestion
Hmm (after something difficult is said)Pardon?/Excuse me?/what?
Hmm (after a question is asked)They don’t know the answer

Full Forms of Hmm

Hug Me More

Hey Marry Me

Help Move Mountains

Hair Makeup Matters

How Much Mate

Half Molecule Model

Heavy Metals and Metalloids


Helical Mesoporous Materials

Helicopter Marine Medium

Helicopter Marine Medium

Helium Music Manager

Help Move Mountains



Hepatocyte Maintenance Medium

Her Majesty’s Monitor

Heritage Media & Marketing

Heroes of Might and Magic

Heroes of Might and Magic

Heterogeneous Memory Management

Heterogeneous Multiscale Method



Hallmark Movies & Mysteries

Halvorson Model Management

Hammond Manufacturing Company Limited

Hand Maid May

Hannah Montana Movie

Hanza Marine Management

Hard Magnetic Material

Hardware Maintenance Manual

Hardware Monitoring module

Harry Major Machine

HART Multiplexer Master

Harvard Manage Mentor

Hatch Mott McDonald

Hattrick Mobile Manager

Hay Marzagan Miyutioun

Hay Moisture Meter

Hazardous Materials Management

Hazardous Materials Manager

Headstones Markers and Medallions

Health Ministers Meeting

Healthy Minds Matter

Healy Malhotra Mo

Heavy Magic Missile

Heavy Maintenance Manual

Heavy Metal Machine

Hey Marry Me

hidden Markov method

High Mode Multiples

High Molecular Mass

High Mortgaging Market

Highend Model Master

Highway Maintenance Manual

Hino Motors Manufacturing

His/Her Majesty’s Monitor

Hispaniola Mountain Ministries


Home Management of Malaria

Hometown Media Marketing

Hot Man Meat

Hotel Motel Management

There are some other meanings of hmm but this article covers most meanings associated with the word hmm. If you have any meaning we missed reach us out.

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