Ludo and Other Online Board Games Enthusiasts Can Play on the MPL App

Online gaming is a rage among the masses these days. Thanks to the popularity of the genre, there are tons of trusted online platforms which feature numerous types of games. One of them is the Mobile Premier League or the MPL platform. 

MPL is known for housing numerous varieties of online games on its official application, which for the record, is compatible with both iOS and Android. Besides fantasy, arcade, and card games, MPL offers multiple board games. 

This article will list some of the most popular board games featured on MPL’s official application that enthusiasts can indulge in without hassle. Let us dive right into it:

The online ludo game on the MPL application is the absolute favorite of diehard board game enthusiasts, mainly because it features all the classic elements of the renowned board game with some additional tweaks that further enhance players’ overall experience. Besides this, the free-to-play game is loved by fans for numerous reasons. 

For starters, it offers players the chance to win real money by winning matches against opponents. This aspect of the classic online game attracts many players, especially those who want to use their ludo skills to earn a hefty sum. Besides this, the wait time to match against anonymous opponents is negligible; thus, players can compete against other players without interruptions. 

Similar to the offline version of the classic board game, players need to follow certain ludo rules when playing matches against opponents on MPL’s ludo game. This ensures fair play and allows players to virtually experience the classic game in its most authentic self. Overall, the online ludo game on MPL’s official application is a solid virtual board game that every ludo enthusiast should check out. 

  • Snakes and LaddersSnakes and Ladders Game

Another classic board game that enjoys almost the same popularity that ludo does is the snakes and ladders game. The luck-based game is very popular among people of all ages, especially children, thanks to its fun features. The online snakes and ladders game on the MPL app allows players to have a realistic experience of the solid game in the palm of their hands from anywhere at any time. 

Similar to the classic offline version of the game, the main objective of players in the online snakes and ladders game featured on the MPL app is to reach the last or 100th square before any of their opponents to clinch victory in matches. 

Besides its exceptional gameplay, the online game features mesmerizing graphics and appealing visual elements, which makes the online iteration of the game a force to reckon with. In addition to offering a realistic experience of the classic board game, MPL’s snakes and ladders game also allows players to win real money by obtaining the highest scores in matches. 

  • ChessChess Game

It is hard to miss the name chess when discussing popular board games. Deemed the “Game of Kings,” it puts players’ decision-making and strategizing skills to the test. The online iteration of the top-tier board on the MPL application facilitates enthusiasts to experience it in its authentic glory since the game’s rules and gameplay are similar to that of its offline version. 

The online game offers users to choose between battles and tournaments. The wait time is negligible, so individuals do not need to wait too long to match against opponents. All matches feature a timer, another factor that adds to the thrill of the game. For every move a player makes, they get 2 seconds of bonus time. 

When it comes to graphics, the game features real-looking chess pieces and an appealing chessboard. This makes players feel like they are playing an offline chess game. By winning matches against opponents, individuals can earn rewards, which is one of the main reasons enthusiasts prefer playing the chess game on the MPL platform as opposed to other online games. 

  • CarromCarrom Game

Carrom is a popular tabletop/board game that is extensively popular in the Indian subcontinent. Thanks to its simple and easy-to-understand rules, people of all ages indulge in carrom matches. The online carrom game on the MPL app also receives special treatment from enthusiasts thanks to the immersive and realistic experience it offers. 

The graphics of the game make players feel that they are playing on a physical carrom board with actual tokens. Besides impressive graphics, the game features top-notch controls. 

Players need to set an angle and release their fingers to take a shot. This aspect of the online game helps players better their hand-eye coordination. The game’s user interface is seamless, adding to its credibility. 

  • PoolPool Game

The online pool game featured on the MPL app receives lots of love from cue sports fans thanks to its realistic features and gameplay. The primary objective of players in the online iteration of the 8-ball pool game is to pocket all their designated balls first. 

The game includes numerous realistic elements, making it feel less like a virtual game and more like a representation of its classic offline version. For instance, the game features fouls, and thus, players need to remain cautious not to commit them and lose points. 

The online 8-ball pool game offers enthusiasts the golden opportunity to win real money by defeating anonymous opponents. Overall, the virtual iteration of the 8-ball pool game offers players the best-in-class gaming experience. 

MPL is a highly renowned platform for featuring the best online games. Any enthusiast can download MPL’s official app on their respective device to indulge in the online board games mentioned above.