The sandbox computer game Minecraft allows users to construct and design their worlds. The lighthouse is one of the most recognizable and popular constructions in Minecraft. 

Lighthouses have long been an essential component of maritime navigation, and in Minecraft, they may be used for both practical and decorative purposes. 

This article will go through how to construct a lighthouse in Minecraft, the supplies and equipment you’ll need, and how to make your lighthouse stand out.

Materials and tools needed to build Minecraft lighthouse

You’ll need to acquire some supplies and tools before building your lighthouse designs in Minecraft. Here are some.

Minecraft materials needed to build Lighthouse
  • Blocks: 

Sandstone and cobblestone are the most typical building materials for lighthouses in Minecraft. Bricks, glass, or any other block type are also acceptable building materials.

  • Ladders:

You’ll need to climb up a ladder to reach the top of your lighthouse.

  • Torches: 

Before you begin construction, stock up on torches since they are necessary for lighting up your lighthouse at night.

  • Redstone:

You’ll need to spend redstone to add extra features to your lighthouse, such as flashing lights or rotating beacons.

  • Other tools:

To gather materials and form your lighthouse, you’ll need a variety of tools, including an axe, a pickaxe, and a shovel.

Minecraft Lighthouse Night

How to build a lighthouse in Minecraft

As you have collected all the materials and tools, the next step is to build a Minecraft lighthouse design. 

  1. Choose a location:
    The chosen location should be close to the water so that ships can see it, but not too close that they may collide with it. You should also make sure that it is in a flat area.
  2. Lay the foundation:
    Depending on your design, this should be square or round and at least seven blocks broad. The foundation can be built with any block. However, the stone is a common option.
  3. Construct the tower:
    It needs to be at least ten blocks high. Build the tower using the blocks of your choice, leaving room in the center for the ladder.
  4. Add the ladder:
    Now, Install ladders up to the interior of the tower. Ensure that they are appropriately spaced apart to allow easy ascent.
  5. Add the roof: 
    The roof must be added as the last phase. This can be a cone, a dome, or any other pattern you desire. Make sure it’s sturdy and secure.


Adding a lighthouse to your Minecraft environment may be both practical and beautiful.

By applying the procedures indicated in this article, you may build a distinctive and spectacular building that will act as a beacon of light for any tired traveler.