Orange dye Minecraft is a semi-primary dye made from orange tulips or combining one red and one yellow dye. Orange is the most intense and effective color for decorating the interior of your home. This article will explain the steps of making orange dye in Minecraft.

How To Get Orange Dye In Minecraft

To obtain Orange Dye in Minecraft, you have a few different options:

  1. Combine Red Dye and Yellow Dye on the crafting table. Combine red and yellow dye to create an orange dye.
  2. The orange dye can also be obtained from Orange Tulips. Orange Tulips are Flowers in Minecraft found on Plains or Flower forest biomes.

Once you have obtained Orange Dye, you can use it to dye wool, leather armor, banners, glass, and other items in Minecraft.

Orange dye is available in the following Minecraft versions:

PlatformSupported (Version*)
  Java Edition(PC/Mac)Yes
  Pocket Edition (PE)Yes
  Xbox 360Yes
  Xbox OneYes
  Wii UYes
  Nintendo SwitchYes
  Windows 10 EditionYes
  Education EditionYes

Materials Required To Create Orange Dye In Minecraft

Before we begin crafting, look at the materials you’ll need to make orange dye. You can make orange dye in Minecraft using the following components:

  • Orange Tulip Flower
  • Red Dye
  • Yellow Dye

How Do You Farm Orange Dye In Minecraft?

First, Open the crafting table so that you have the following 3×3 crafting grid:

You should see a crafting area with a 3×3 crafting grid in your crafting menu. You must arrange particular items in the grid to create the orange dye. The objects must be arranged exactly as shown in our example images. The item created can be altered by altering the pattern of filled boxes.

Orange Dye Crafting Minecraft
Orange Dye Crafting

As a crafting recipe for orange dye, you can use either of the following two techniques:

Technique 1: The first two boxes must contain one each of the dyes, red and yellow. You need to combine one red and one yellow dye on a crafting table to create orange dye using this method. To create an orange dye, you can put the red dye on the left and the yellow dye on the right. Players can make red dye using the following flowers: Poppy, Red Tulip, and Rose Bush. Beetroots are another way to make red dye and are a great way to mass-produce it (via farming). A yellow dye is made from dandelion or sunflower petals. While most flowers will spawn in various biomes, such as Forests or Plains, the best place to find flowers in Minecraft is in the Flower Forest biome. 

Technique 2: There should be one orange tulip in the first box in the first row.

The orange dye will now show up in the box to the right once you have covered the entire crafting area with the pattern.

Obtaining Orange Tulips In Minecraft:

If you enjoy putting together orange tulips, the first step is to locate a biome where these flowers spawn. Orange tulips can disrupt the following biomes.

  • Forest Biomes:

Forest Biomes are the game’s most common and standard biome. They have a lot of trees, wood, and flowers. Other forest types include Flower Forests, Birch Forest, and Dark Oak Forests.

  • Flower Forest Biomes:

Flower Forests have a greater variety of flowers, except sunflowers and blue orchids. The biome is the most important source of dyes for crafting. This biome has no wolves spawn, but rabbit spawn can occasionally be found. Bees and bee nests, on the other hand, are common in the Flower Forest. You can assemble the orange tulips once you’ve found an appropriate biome.

Purchase from Villagers or Traders:

Finally, if no flowers grow nearby, your only option is to trade the dye with villagers (if there is one nearby) or a Wandering Trader. When trading, you can find both the dye and the flowers, depending on your luck. The prices are usually around three emeralds for three dyes, which is decent considering you can’t make it yourself.


Finally, in this video game, crafting orange dye is a moderately simple procedure that requires the player to locate a foundation of red and yellow dye and syndicate them in a crafting table or inventory crafting grid. Other Dyes can be made from Other Flowers, Such as Purple Dye can be made from Lilac Flower Minecraft.

Furthermore, orange dye is a versatile item that can be used to color common game items, making it a valuable resource to have on hand. So, the next time you need orange dye in Minecraft, follow the simple steps, and you’ll have plenty in no time!