The vex Minecraft is a small hostile flying mob. It is rarely seen in the game because it only appears after being summoned by its caster, who only appears in raids or a forest mansion. It wields a sword, can phase through walls, and can only be summoned as part of the evoker’s attacks. They attack by lunging with their sword at their targets. Vexes appear during an evoker’s summoning attack. They have a 2-minute lifespan, after which they die. However, even if the previous Vex is still alive, the caster will summon new Vexes.

Vex Appearance In Minecraft

The vex Minecraft is approximately the size of a bat. Its body is blue-grey with light grey spots on its hands. A vex has thick brows above its whitish eyes and a cheerful expression. It has a white spot on its back and torn wings. Vexes typically wield small iron swords. When they attack, their single leg swings and the “vessels” on their body glow red.

Facts About Vex Minecraft

  • Vex can traverse both water and lava.
  • Vex can be repelled with a slime block.
  • If you name a Vex or place it in a minecart or boat, it will not despawn.

Vex Behaviour

Vexes attack players, iron golems, adult villagers, and travelling merchants if summoned by an evoker, as well as any other target specified by the evoker who summoned them (any mob that attacks the evoker, either accidentally or purposely or any mob villagers naturally attack sight). Even if they don’t have a weapon, they can still attack these mobs and deal the same damage.

Vex Health Points

A vex in Minecraft has seven hearts for health. This results in a vex with 14 health points (because one heart equals two health points). To kill a vex, you must inflict 14 points of damage on it.

How can you tame a vex in Minecraft?

You can only tame a vex if you find a way to become an evoker. Evokers only spawn Vexes in survival mode. Vexes summoned by an evoker begin to take damage after 30 to 119 seconds and die. They are untamable by the player.

Why do vexes turn red?

When a Vex attacks, it glows red and lunges at its target. When a Vex is not in use, it floats around its evoker. After defeating the evokers, feed a remaining Vex beetroot. (Beetroot will now serve another purpose.) This beetroot will turn the Vex red (the colour of the beetroot) and become friendly, following you around and attacking you.

Vex Elimination Techniques In Minecraft

Because vexes are one of the most challenging mobs to kill in Minecraft, players will have to employ some unconventional methods to dispatch them.

Minecraft players have a few options for quickly eliminating vexes:

  • Players can scatter several boats or minecarts to trap the vex in them.
  • Players can use a crossbow to kill the evoker before he summons the vexes.
  • Use iron golems to tank damage while also attacking them.
  • Thorns armor enchantment

Players may need to use one or more of these options to succeed. Wearing the Thorns enchanted armor is the most effective option of the bunch.