Apple Watches are more than just timepieces. These innovative devices allow users to track their health and fitness, respond to messages, and do various other things. As useful as these watches are, they are also susceptible to damage. Scratches and scuffs on the glass are common issues for long-term users. These scratches can occur from improper handling to normal wear and tear over time.

Does Apple Watch screen get scratched easily?

Due to the tough material used in its construction, the apple watch’s screen is resistant to scratches. Your watch’s casing is more vulnerable to damage than the screen. Although the screen is extremely durable, it is still prone to scratches, which will make your watch appear dated and worn.

Causes Of Scratches On Apple Watch Screen

All Apple watches are susceptible to scratches. When a watch comes into contact with a hard surface, the risk of scratches increases. If the watch falls to the ground, this is one of the most obvious causes of scratches. While Apple devices are designed to be durable, the risk of falling increases significantly.

 A scratch can also occur if your watch rubs against another hard surface. For example, scuffs and scratches may occur if your watch is in your bag and scrapes against something hard. Even if you clean your Apple Watch band and glass regularly, a minor scuff or scratch can detract from the appearance of your watch.

How to repair an Apple watch screen?

Apple Watch has many useful features, including real-time health monitoring that works seamlessly with iOS devices. It can also display the time and notifications without requiring you to look at your iPhone. However, after a while of use, your Apple Watch screen may become damaged, and you may be wondering how to repair those scratches on your watch.

Some people can manually replace the screens on their Apple Watches. However, the process is highly technical and should not be attempted unless you know what you’re doing. Before replacing your screen, try the home-based methods to see if they work for you.

Home-Based Method To Remove Scratches From Apple Watch Screen

Scratches in metals or ceramics are nearly impossible to remove. They can be polished to appear less noticeable. You can apply a small amount of polishing cream or toothpaste to a microfiber cloth and wipe over the Apple Watch screen surface. Here are some methodologies to remove scratches from Apple Watches screens.

1. Using clear nail paint

This could be the simplest and cheapest method of all. The procedure requires only three items.

  • A nail polish that is clear.
  • A powerful nail polish remover.
  • A cloth made of microfiber.

Apply a layer of nail polish over the scratches. Allow it to dry for about an hour. Apply some nail polish remover to a microfiber cloth and gently wipe away any excess nail paint from the screen’s surface. You can repeat this procedure until the scratches appear to be gone.

Some nail paint will get into the scratches and fill them in, while the excess will be removed. Remember not to use too much pressure with the cloth to avoid removing the paint from the scratches.

2.  By using a Scratch Removing Product

Most glass polish products on the market function similarly and include these materials in their packaging.

  • Cloth for cleaning.
  • Paper strips in white and pink.
  • Using a rubber band to seal the stick.
  • Syringe repair and finishing.

Using the provided microfiber cloth, clean the surface of your Apple Watch. Place one of the white strips over the applying stick and secure it with a rubber band. Rub some product from the repairing syringe over the surface for 3 minutes with the applying stick. Do this at least four times. After that, by using the microfiber cloth, remove the product from the screen. Wrap a pink strip around the applying stick and secure it with a rubber band. Apply some finishing syringe product to the screen and gently rub for several minutes in a circular motion.

This method is very useful for repairing minor scuffs or scratches. Deeper scratches may become less visible, but they will not disappear completely.

Tip: All cleaning and wiping must be done with a microfiber cloth. Using another cloth material will leave fibers on the surface of your Apple Watch, which can cause problems.

3. By Using Toothpaste

Wipe the entire screen with Lysol wipes and rub it in a circular motion for a few minutes. When rubbing, use a nail for better results. Using a fabric cloth, completely dry the screen. Then, using a Q-tip, apply toothpaste in a circular motion for 50 seconds. Continue rubbing until the toothpaste feels dry or difficult to wipe away. Take the silky cloth and wet it with clean water. Then, wipe the screen again to ensure all the toothpaste has been removed.

4.  By Replacing Your Apple Watch Screen

The screen glass on the newer generations of Apple Watch is made of high-quality strengthened ion material, which provides excellent scratch resistance. If you take your Apple Watch to Apple for a replacement solely due to scratches, they will most likely not replace it.

If your Apple Watch is covered by insurance, Apple will only replace it in the event of accidental damage. To repair the scratches, manually replace the glass on your Apple Watch or have it done by an authorized repair shop. This approach, however, is not recommended by Apple or us.

Always use a screen protector.

We strongly advise you to use a high-quality screen protector on your Apple Watch from the start. Even if your Apple Watch has scratches, it’s never too late to protect it from further harm.

A simple accessory like a screen protector will protect your watch’s screen from scratches, fall/drop damage, wear and tear, and even water damage.

What does it normally cost to fix an Apple watch?

The actual cost will vary depending on the model of your Apple Watch, but it will not be cheap. Apple would charge between $150 and $399 to repair or replace a damaged Apple Watch. At that price, you might want to consider purchasing a new one.

Apple Watch Screen Support

It’s possible you only scratched the fingerprint-resistant, oil-repellent coating. Normal use causes this coating to wear away, but it may have become scratched without any damage to the screen beneath. Apple’s Limited Warranty or AppleCare+ does not cover cosmetic damage unless it results from a manufacturing defect.

Apple Watch is not serviceable, and Apple does not provide screen repair or crystal/screen replacement services. However, AppleCare can assist you with a chargeable replacement. You can contact them for more information. Furthermore, they claim that you can use a friendly quality screen guard if you want maximum safety, but new additions do not require that.


Apple watches are both beautiful and valuable. However, seeing scratches on these valuable products makes us feel terrible. So, scratches can be removed for those who don’t know, and you can do it yourself; the sensation is fantastic.

However, there are numerous methods available on YouTube and Google, but we discovered the most convenient method of removing scratches from the Apple Watch screen. Follow the instructions and admire a new shiny watch in the same way. If you want to learn to Change the Color of Your Apps on IOS, Click here